Monday, March 11, 2013

Infant loss and trying again

What I wrote while I was quiet: Advice to a Mom who had lost an infant to SIDS.

There are so many ways to lose a child beyond SIDS. The reality is that while it may happen again, so can any number of things. At some point you have to decide if you are willing to let the fear of loss keep you from trying and loving again. My answer is no- I did not let Perry's death or my 5 m/cs keep me from this LO (although I will admit I was bone tired of TTC and may call it quits with an exclaimation point after this one). I'm also 36 and the RE basically told me it would take a miracle so it was a now or never proposition with us.  Does fear strike deeply? Absolutely! But all I can do is take reasonable precautions and appreciate every day I have with my children. I act in faith that this infant will join us and that we will get to keep and enjoy him/her on Earth. I am tired of living in fear.

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