Monday, December 5, 2011

Picture Treasures

There are so few pictures I have created new ones by scavenging busy images for tidbits of Perry. Here is a scene mentioned in 'firsts'. the Public Safety Day memory that had me bawling in the back seat of the engine at the Kroger Parking lot. But now that I have pictures it is a little balm. Here you will see Perry and Chris in varous poses, including "Potato Sack Perry Pose". He actually dug it, it was a new view of his world. In these pictures he is watching Sally and I perform, sometimes intently.

My husband regretted that many of the pictures of him holding Perry revolved around Perry on his lap, usually with a computer in them. He is haunted that he didn't make the Fall Festival on Holloween. But here is one that Chris made to make me happy. He traveled 45 minutes with a toddler and infant in tow just for me. And to be honest, it was probably just as interesting to Perry as Holloween. Sometimes as parents we focus on making memories that we think are important, but do not always get that sometimes our kid's favorite memories are the ones we make everyday. So for Daddy....

And here are a few with big Sister, Emily. She is pouting a bit because I did not choose her for the show. It's a little like "Where's Waldo", but that's ok.

So there's a little into my brain today. Now go make memories with your family :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing those pictures. I miss my little man.