Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One of my favorite memories.

This explains itself. Perry loves his big Sister Emily. Perry loved being held and this required the use of carriers and slings. But he loved his Big Sister and would stop crying if she sat next to him or played near him in the same room. I always tried to include Emily with Perry and they liked to watch the mobile together with either Yes Jesus loves me or the lullabye playing. People react differently when they grieve. Some people hold onto things and others want them put away. Emily insisted this was her mobile (we left it on a chain above her bed and would switch out music boxes or the dangles), but she 'shared' with 'Baby'. After Perry died she asked me to take it down, I couldn't reach the top. She ripped it out of the ceiling before Dad could get to it.
She was very rarely jealous of Perry (maybe one time?), and many times you would catch us all on the same recliner. When I was pregnant, she would ask me to make more room and I would put the foot part out so she could lay beside me. When I nursed Perry this was often a request, or sometimes we would all stuff in together and just rock. Many times I would have to ask Dad to step in to help carry the dynamic duo to their own beds. When I was pregnant was constantly rubbing my Tummy and talking to baby in this chair. She has started rubbing my tummy again and I think this is her way of 'touching' baby again. To her it represents that he is still very real, just seperated from us by some barrier.

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