Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo Card/ Perry's Birthday Project

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So preparations for Perry's Birthday begins. I know it will be a rough day and I am trying to do something proactive with it. Above is a copy of the card that I am including with sleepsacks that will be given out to parents of babies born on his birthday. I am going to cover at least Vanderbilt, but am considering branching off to other hospitals.

It infuriates me to think that for a small amount (probably the same as they charged us for the no slip socks), they could have sent us home with a sleepsack. The hospitals are what parents mirror when they go home. The blanket they are swaddled in sneaks into the pumpkin car seat, is used in the crib, and then when it gets colder a thicker one is substituted. More stuff starts creeping in.

I still do not know Perry's autopsy results, but I do not want any parent to have to experience the doubts and regrets that we do.


  1. I pray that making others aware will be healing for you. What a beautiful way to reach out as you remember Perry. Out of the blue yesterday, Heather was talking about him. I really like his picture. He is such a beautiful baby, Katie.

  2. What a wonderful way to honor your son and celebrate his birthday! Beautiful.

  3. I love this idea. What a beautiful way to honor your son. That picture is just too adorable and sweet. My daughter's birthday was just a few weeks ago and we did a few things to honor her and I'm glad we did. The day was not as hard as I know it would've been if we hadn't done anything to celebrate her life and also have a space to be sad because of course we still miss her. Will be thinking about you as Perry's birthday approaches.