Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing Learned

I am so sad. When Perry died, we requested memorials be sent to a local charity. This should be a good thing, right? Help struggling Moms who are trying to decide if they should keep their baby. I emailed them, wrote a little about Perry Bryce and requested that the funds be used for safe sleep related items.

So the past few weeks this charity sent a list around at our church. On it they listed a request for blankets, but no sleep sacks. They learned NOTHING from Perry or his death.

You really only need maybe the receiving blanket from the hospital, all the rest is just crud that can wind up in the crib and help kill your child. I'm sorry, but you can keep a baby warm with clothing or sleep sacks. Any blanket is really not safe, because at best it can lure families into thinking that if a thin blanket is ok to swaddle with, well that nice thick blanket is too because it is going to be a cold night. Even if Mom would never use it in the crib, a babysitter or grandparent might.

I can't help but feel like he was only a few checks to them at this point. What a beautiful baby boy was lost for nobody to learn anything from it. Of all organizations, they should have been the most aware. Maybe gleaned something from it.

I'm sure it's an American cultural thing where everyone plies the new Moms with blankets, but it needs to change. At the least, if another child is lost, let the parents know that there was nothing that could have possibly been done better. 

Trust me, the alternative will eat at your spirit and mind like cancer.

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  1. Really? And you know That blankets tend to multiply and next thing you know you have a million blankets so my guess is that many will donate them because we have so many. Has anyone contacted them and maybe thought about educating them on safe sleeping habits? Maybe they need another reminder? Can you or will you gave me the organizations name? Tracy