Monday, June 18, 2012

Perry's Birthday

I have taken a long time to write this because it was somewhat grueling.

The sleepsack project was a success. You can view a local newscast about it here:

The day before Emily, my Mom, Sheila, and I went to local hospitals delivering them. It was very bittersweet as I went into a couple of the nurseries and all the memories of his birth flooded back in color. The smell was even the same. Oh how I wish one of the nurses would wheel a bassinet into the room and say, "here he is." That I could take him back into my arms and dip my nose into the soft fuzz at the nape of his neck and inhale his scent once again. Touch his cheek and feel his hands tugging at my hair as he wrapped the strands around cluched fists.

But I knew that our time here was past.

At Baptist, we stood in the room where Emily was as a newborn in the viewing area. Emily beamed as I told her this is where she was born. Her smile was spectacular and I have to admit all the time and resources were worth it for this one moment.

The next day, seeing Perry on the TV on his birthday made it bareable. Today, he would not be forgotten by the rest of the world. Today the Moms that received his picture/ sleepsacks and the people that watched the news would remember him.

I just pray that his smile made enough of an impression that they would listen. And then act.

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