Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Perry's Birthday Project

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Perry's birthday is rapidly approaching. So far we will be donating sleepsacks and safe sleep information to at least 5 different hospitals in 3 states. Please pray that these sleep sacks and the messages that are given with them will strike parents to take action. Please pray that they will not only affect these parents, but ripple outwards to the 100 lives each.

They say the loss of a baby affects on average, at least 100 people in their immediate community. May these people that would be touched if there were a loss, be touched without one and continue to spread the message.

Please let parents know that babies should be put to bed on their backs in a pack n' play, crib or bassinet, without blankets, peepads, bumpers. Please think about giving a sleep sack at the next baby shower instead of a blanket. Encourage parents to consider methods such as babywearing while the child is awake in place of cosleeping as a bonding option. Remind charities that benefit young families or babies to consider safe sleep recommendations when making purchasing or educational decisions. Let young Moms that are facing a long list of recommended nursery items on a registry list know that some of the things are not only a waste of money but a danger to their child.

While some babies may die regardless of what the parent does or doesn't do, I want these parents to know that they did everything possible and not have doubts.

I cannot say that. I wonder if the same blanket that I held him in was part of it all. His death is listed as undetermined, it offers no explainations or comfort.

I believe that perhaps there is one child that God is reaching out to me to save. TN has the 3rd highest rate of infant mortality in the United States. When Perry died there were at least 3 other babies that day at the examiner's office in Nashville. 3 other babies whose parents are also facing first birthdays alone. I heard a few days later of another family losing a baby in Dixon. Something needs to change. Something has to change.

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