Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nature of God

I have made no effort at hiding that I wonder if God hears me when I pray. I think the questions surrounding why or when God answers prayers gets to the heart of what you believe the nature of God to be.

What do you believe God to be? I think sometimes people see God as a Santa Claus without a loud red coat. You pray and like a gumball machine he spits out an answer. I don't see it that way.

I could and at times, are very bitter because I didn't get my miracle. Facebook doesn't help, as anything is often attributed to God's grace and it kind of leaves you feeling like a kid left out of an exclusive club. Church can feel a bit like that at times.

But I came to a realization a few days ago. I was reading on an infant loss support page and women began talking about paying for Christmas gifts. So many of these woman or men lost their jobs after they couldn't function normally... it turned into a discussion on donating plasma for money. My heart bleeds for these women- because losing a child is now one of the worst things in my mind in this world and yet these woman aren't receiving a free pass in life. Some don't believe anymore, washed of religion by a 'plan' that took their child, others never did, and some do. The good aren't spared, even after losing a child.

I now look at things and instead of asking, "Why me?" I am asking "Why not?".

I am starting to accept that God may not be Santa Claus, but he is a peace when it makes no sense, and the only way back to my child. If you had to choose between a God that worked like a pezz dispenser while you are alive or one that would give you eternal life but wouldn't give you the easy button on Earth, which would you choose?

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